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The Mindfluence Revolution: Business Breakthroughs for Lasting Success is a weekly podcast created by business success strategists Dr. Matthew Norton and Bruce Hurley featuring revolutionary business ideas combined with breakthrough applications. This unique show alternates between high-energy host conversations and game-changing expert interviews to liberate and inspire professionals and small business owners for expanded success AND fulfillment. Each episode is filled with cutting-edge thought, brain science insights, and soul-driven messages to assist everyone from the already highly successful business leader, seeking to reinvent to next levels of contribution and entrepreneurial freedom, to the young professional and aspiring business owner designing and refining a new model for engagement and success.
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May 25, 2016

What does your future hold? Not sure? Well, what future do you really want to create? If you can’t see it, then it may be due to a lack of focus. You might want to pause soon and give this renewed attention, because you will get to your future whether it’s the one you intend or not. As you’re barrelling down life’s highway, it’s important periodically to make sure you don’t miss a critical turn. It’s also likely that you’ll decide on some different, more meaningful destinations as you continue down the road. Dr. Norton and co-host Bruce Hurley examine how your desired future awaits your arrival and that you can get there more easily. Stick around until the end for this week’s Mindfluence Success Challenge on how you can jump start the process of arriving at your desired future.


Key Takeaways:

[1:22] How can you tune in more clearly to consider your desired future? Can you really create this future? Is that even possible?

[2:37] Could you get to your desired future faster & with greater ease? Are there blockages, blind spots or stuck habit patterns impeding your progress & creating excessive stress on you & everyone around you?

[4:04] Bruce agrees the quickest way to fail is to just stand still and not do anything.

[5:13] Today’s discussion focuses on the bigger picture benefit of a desired future than just achieving goals, outcomes, objectives, visions, etc.

[7:28] Dr. Norton & Bruce clarify the difference between a desired future and having goals.

[9:34] Your business should be supporting your lifestyle, and having a strong sense of what your desired future is plays a key role.

[12:17] What is it you really want? On a deeper vs. surface level!

[13:05] People want liberation from stress and anxiety. How can that be achieved?

[15:38] Why is it a big deal to have certainty around a desired future, even if it changes?

[16:51] Check out episode 62: Why Your Company Needs a Business Diagnosis, which explored dissatisfaction. 

[17:55] Today’s focus is related to the last potential dissatisfaction, which is your confidence in having a future that fits your dream outcomes.

[18:39] “Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.” - Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

[19:44] This is about stepping into your greatness & fulfilling your potential as a human being.

[20:46] Bruce created a list of questions to get you to think about what this desired future looks like for you.

[22:58] What is your biggest picture contribution you can make with your business? What is your most perfect desired lifestyle/future? How do you seamlessly blend your contribution with your lifestyle?

[24:16] What we’re doing right now is what’s going to lead to what we do in the future. But what if we don’t have a sense of what that future looks like?

[25:17] The Unique Compelling Contribution (UCC) at Mindfluence is the tool that is going to lead you to your desired future.

[27:22] What is the foundation of mission?

[28:49] Check out episode 60: Core Purpose… Your Success Foundation, which explored connecting to your core purpose.

[29:37] Also check out the Big Five for Life by John Strelecky, which is relevant to today’s discussion.

[31:08] Are you on the right bus? Bruce uses this analogy to explain the idea of being on the right path that will ultimately lead you to your desired future.

[33:49] Dr. Norton advises to stay alert to shifting destinations & to touching your core purpose, because you can otherwise miss some important signs along the way.

[36:05] Mindfluence success challenge: 1) Get some time alone, and either go for a run or mediate; 2) Open up a notebook, and begin dream writing about your ideal business & lifestyle future (this is your desired future).

[37:00] If you would like help with getting liberated so that you can get to your desired future, go to to shcedule a free strategy call.


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Big Five for Life by John Strelecky

May 18, 2016

Chief Celebration Officer, Scott Friedman believes that if you’re too busy to celebrate, you’re too busy. According to Scott, celebration is acknowledging all that is good. The good work that you do, the people that you do it with, the people that you do it for, when your to-do list becomes your done list, and all the little and big milestones along the way. If you want to be far more successful and enjoy the journey a whole lot more, then tune in for an insightful conversation with Scott Friedman, a motivational humorist and customer experience expert. Stick around until the end for The Mindfluence Success Challenge of the week on celebration, unselfish risk, and surprise!


Key Takeaways:

[1:38] Who is Scott Friedman?

[3:08] What are Scott’s primary duties as Chief Celebration Officer?

[4:28] Scott talks on the importance of celebration in life and in the workplace.

[6:02] Why is celebration so important?

[8:28] What strategies can we use to incorporate celebration more into our workplace?

[9:45] One of Scott’s favorite tools for incorporating celebration in the workplace - the difference between deadline and finish line. Scott shares more examples!

[13:48] Scott incorporates both structured and spontaneous methods for celebration, such as the “Jar of Awesomeness”.

[16:14] Because of cultural differences across organizations, you have to adapt the different rituals that fit the culture.

[19:28] Scott shares an awesome story on surprising his wife on her birthday.

[22:38] Scott shares another story on when he was pleasantly surprised & about an organization that surprises their customer to create customer connection.

[25:42] A GPS navigation system expressed in terms of gratitude, play and surprise.

[26:47] What is the Sellebrate Mindset?

[28:53] Start the day with 10 pennies in your left pocket. Scott explains.

[31:24] What is the value of having more humor in the workplace?

[34:18] One of Scott’s rituals is a re-gifting party. He explains how this ritual creates a lot of laughter and comradery in the workplace. 

[36:25] How to get in touch with Scott.

[37:19] Mindfluence success challenge: Celebrate more often, take more unselfish risk, and surprise the people around you.

[38:41] Check out the new 360 degree business diagnosis & liberation blueprint program and go to to connect with Dr. Norton on a free strategy call.


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  • - Celebrate: Lessons Learned from the World's Most Admired Organizations
  • - Using Humor for a Change
  • - A Celebration a Day! 365 Ways to a Happier, Healthier Workplace
May 11, 2016

Where are you stuck and what do you need to be liberated? We aren’t talking about masking or managing your business problem symptoms, we’re talking about clarifying the cause and truly resolving it. As a result of undiagnosed and unresolved problems, many smart people remain stuck, living and working at less than their full potential. Dr. Matthew Norton and co-host Bruce Hurley explore the dissatisfactions and blockages that affect leaders and their businesses; necessitating a diagnosis and a blueprint for liberation. Stay tuned to the end for this week’s Mindfluence Challenge.


Key Takeaways:

[0:37] Dr. Norton shares a few quotes that resonate with the theme of today’s show.

[1:36] You can’t know what to do to fully recover if you don’t clearly know your underlying condition & what’s preventing you from operating at peak performance.

[3:11] Human factors holding you and your team back from becoming the best versions of yourselves are blockages and the process of breaking free of them is liberation

[4:52] One of the things you need to be liberated from is the unquestioned status quo.

[5:13] Another things is society’s expectations of you.

[5:58] Another big one is your fears. “You can be frightened or enlightened, but you can’t be both.”

[6:31] We see a lot of stress and overwhelm as blockages.

[8:19] “Diagnosis” is the process of identifying what you need to be liberated from.

[8:47] Bruce always feels like he needs to be liberated from his bad habits like procrastination and poor organization. What do you need to be liberated from?

[9:26] What are the things that are holding you back from living your best life?

[9:53] Imagine what would happen in your business if every member of your team could identify their own blockages?

[11:01] The path of least resistance is the path that you should be on - a path that has flow.

[12:05] Bruce shares a great liberation story on achieving outstanding outcomes in business by letting go of personal blockages.

[17:19] Prior to getting to liberation, it’s important to come to a diagnostic conclusion. How do you begin this diagnostic process?

[18:19] Symptoms and signs: success blockages, fears, stressors, uncertainties, negative patterns, overwhelms, blind spots, etc. 

[19:15] Part of this liberation process is a willingness to open yourself up to really seeing yourself; and there are strategies and processes to do this, and it takes time.

[21:11] You can break through your blockages and when you do you’ll be living in a place of liberation which most people don’t even visit.

[22:35] “Blockages” is another way of saying things are out of balance with how you’re expressing yourself and engaging other human beings out there.

[25:23] The key takeaway: It’s not what you’re doing or not doing in your business that’s been holding you back. So what is it?

[27:00] Start by examining your dissatisfactions, to get some clues and be able to see what needs to be addressed.

[28:57] What are some potential dissatisfactions which indicate some action needs to be taken?

[30:21] The positive thing about looking at negative things is that you are empowered to do something about it.

[33:14] In Mindfluence, the opposite of blockage is liberation. “You become liberated by empowering yourself to break through those blockages.”

[35:30] Problems are good symptom clues and a lot of times it takes problems to get help.

[36:53] What does it take to get a full, clear and comprehensive business diagnosis that will lead to a liberation blueprint so you can get the success you’re looking for.

[38:49] Mindfluence success challenge: Brainstorm a list of your dissatisfactions and if you want a free help in doing so, send an email to

[40:42] “To solve any problem here are 3 questions to ask yourself: First, What could I do? Second, What could I read? And third, Who could I ask?” - Jim Rohn


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May 4, 2016

According to today’s guest, it doesn’t matter how much we do if what we do doesn’t really matter. If you want to have more influence in the world, more sustainable business success, and greater fulfillment in the journey, then tune in for Dr. Norton’s inspiring conversation with Organizational Development and Start with Why Purpose Expert, David Mead. David is of the opinion that your Why comes from your past; it is who you already are at your best so you’re simply uncovering who that person is. Make sure to also catch the Mindfluence Challenge of the week to help you take more purpose filled action and create more significant results. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:22] Financial results don’t define us. What defines us is the impact we have on the lives of others.

[1:38] Who is David Mead?

[2:48] David shares the story behind becoming the Chief of What’s Next at Start with Why.

[4:15] As adults why do we need to start with Why?

[7:20] The Why is intangible - The Why is a feeling, it’s a belief, it’s a worldview that we have.

[9:18] What are some of the benefits of focusing on the Why?

[10:39] What’s a ‘Why Statement’? David also shares the Why behind what drives him to make a positive change.

[13:59] The concept of nested Whys as it relates to an organization’s Why in relation to the individuals’ Whys.

[17:52] What can happen in a business if the top leadership in the organization doesn’t clarify a foundational Why?

[19:30] How are we biologically wired/driven to engage at this level? David explains using Simon’s Golden Circle concept.

[23:00] Integration of the What, How, and Why and having balance between the 3.

[24:07] Why does success become one of our biggest challenges? What’s the Split as conceptualized by Simon Sinek?

[28:07] What happens to an organization that loses their Why? They stay in business, but they’re surviving not thriving.

[29:14] David articulates on the Why discovery process. Listen in here if you have not yet discovered your Why.

[33:10] What to do next after discovering your Why.

[36:28] Contact information for David and his organization. Also, Google “Start with Why” or “Simon Sinek” for more information and resources.

[37:49] Mindfluence success challenge: Begin the discovery process for revealing your Why and then create a draft Why Statement.

[39:08] The New Mindfluence Revolution training program, From Passionate Purpose to Sustainable Success, is now accessible by emailing

[39:47] “Finding something that inspires us is good. Doing something with what inspires us is better.” - David Mead


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