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The Mindfluence Revolution: Business Breakthroughs for Lasting Success is a weekly podcast created by business success strategists Dr. Matthew Norton and Bruce Hurley featuring revolutionary business ideas combined with breakthrough applications. This unique show alternates between high-energy host conversations and game-changing expert interviews to liberate and inspire professionals and small business owners for expanded success AND fulfillment. Each episode is filled with cutting-edge thought, brain science insights, and soul-driven messages to assist everyone from the already highly successful business leader, seeking to reinvent to next levels of contribution and entrepreneurial freedom, to the young professional and aspiring business owner designing and refining a new model for engagement and success.
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Jan 27, 2016

Dr. Matthew and Bruce discuss how you can achieve purposeful urgency without feeling stressed. Ideally, purposeful urgency is combined with optimism and confidence to help you achieve your actions productively. However, it is also a fine line to balance. Dr. Matthew admits that it can be hard to be in a state of flow and also have a sense of purposeful urgency, because too much urgency will make you feel overwhelmed and counterproductive.


Key Takeaways:

[1:40] Where are you going so quickly? Are your actions tied to your bigger purpose?

[3:35] Urgency needs to be accompanied by optimism and confidence, not stress and anxiety.

[6:00] Purposeful urgency has to have a higher calling attached to it.

[9:50] What's the difference between artificial urgency vs. natural urgency?

[12:55] It's hard to have a state of flow with a sense of urgency.

[14:45] What do you want so much that achieving it is imperative?

[15:05] Time is passing, which is why you have to pick up the pace.

[19:55] Write a top ten list of outcomes/achievements that are significant to you.

[22:20] Work on your vision and goals right now.

[24:25] How can you achieve personal accountability and get more things done?

[27:00] Too much urgency can also sabotage you.

[29:00] Try meditation.

[30:35] Check out podcast episode 5: Action Ends Dissatisfaction.

[32:00] Challenge of the week? Take the entrepreneurship super test. 


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Jan 20, 2016

Pamela Jett is a communication skills expert with a strong focus in leadership and employee engagement. She is also a professional speaker and the author of two books, Got EQ? and Communicate to Keep 'Em. Pamela talks to Dr. Matthew on how to become a better leader and communicate using specific words that will increase employee engagement.


Key Takeaways:

[1:55] Dr. Matthew introduces Pamela.

[3:20] What was Pamela's “prison” experience like?

[5:25] How do the words we choose make all the difference?

[6:55] Number one reason people quit is because they don't like their boss.

[7:25] Pamela shares an example between good and bad ways to talk to others.

[11:25] What does Pamela do when she gets push back from others on the specific words they're using?

[13:00] Leaders need to be aware of their impact with the words they're using.

[15:30] People remember when you don't say please and thank you, more often than when you do.

[16:40] Wonder why turnover is high? It's probably you.

[20:10] How can leaders leverage their communication choices to increase engagement?

[22:25] Pamela shares tips on how to improve your communication.

[24:40] Over 60% of Americans have no idea what their impact is on their company.

[26:25] Employees don't feel connected or that their work makes a difference.

[28:20] In the absence of good information, people make things up.

[31:25] Leading a team that works well is not a 'soft' skill. It is a critical leadership skill.

[33:20] How can we enhance our emotional intelligence?

[38:15] Check out Pamela's books: Communicate to Keep 'Em and Got EQ?

[38:55] Sign up to Pamela's Brain Wrinkle newsletter.

[40:15] Challenge of the week? Pay attention to your choice of words and tone of voice.


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Communicate to Keep 'Em by Pamela Jett

Got EQ? by Pamela Jett

Jan 13, 2016

Are you interested in reducing the stress in your life? Dr. Matthew and Bruce discuss the various ways you can improve your emotional and physical health by making small changes in your daily routine. This episode is a continuation of episode 41 and 43 on the state of flow. By reducing stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed, you increase your state of flow and maximize your productivity.


Key Takeaways:

[3:55] Go to the show notes page for this episode to see the States of Experience diagram.

[4:00] This show is a continuation from EP 41 and EP 43.

[6:10] Physical exercise helps with negative stress.

[7:35] What is the best exercise you can do?

[9:30] No energy in your life? You might just need some active movement.

[11:50] There are simple ways to improve your nutrition. Bruce juices every day.

[13:05] Being overweight causes stress.

[13:55] Feeling stressed isn't just an emotional state, it's physical too.

[14:40] Getting some sun does wonders for your mind and body.

[18:25] Get quality sleep.

[19:40] You can train yourself to take 10 minute naps. 

[25:10] Work on handling adversity better by reading Adversity Quotient by Paul Stoltz.

[26:25] You can choose your own mental state.

[29:15] Try living in the present as much as possible.

[32:55] Focus on helping others. 

[35:10] Challenge of the week? Apply one or two of these activities to help reduce the stress.


Mentioned in This Episode:

P.A.C.E. by Al Sears

Adversity Quotient by Paul Stoltz


Jan 6, 2016

Amy K. Hutchens is a former executive for a billion dollar global company and author of the new book The Secrets Leaders Keep. More than forty thousand executives in nine countries have benefited from her keen insight and intuitive understanding of the issues leaders face. She talks to Dr. Matthew Norton on what makes a leader successful and how to change your limiting beliefs into positive, productive thoughts and actions. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Brilliant leaders question what they know.

[5:15] If it was easy, everyone would be successful.

[7:20] The people Amy K. likes to follow are those who admit they're learning along the way too.

[7:50] Leaders learn on the job.

[10:40] Where are you running to?

[15:05] Ask yourself: 'What am I missing?'

[15:30] Common problems leaders face? Imposter syndrome.

[18:20] How can you overcome imposter syndrome?

[21:10] Amy K. believes comparing yourself to others is self-abuse.

[24:00] How can people change their thinking in a positive way?

[27:35] Work on changing one painful thought at a time.

[33:35] Check out Amy's new book, The Secrets Leaders Keep.

[34:05] Amy talks about her Ignite Brilliance club. 

[35:40] Challenge of the week? Change your thinking in one aspect/area of your life.


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The Secrets Leaders Keep by Amy K. Hutchens